What is our goal in the long run?

We aim to inspire young adults ensuring they realise their full potential by providing them with opportunities to live their best lives, and to teach them how a healthy lifestyle can be used as an instrument for positive change.

How it works?

For The Long Run is an not for profit (NPO) social upliftment initiative that aims to use running as a mechanism to uplift and rejuvenate individuals in less fortunate community.  

We work closely with groups of youths between the ages of 2 and 102 years old with the aim of inspiring them to take the first step in changing their lives for the better.  

To help us make a difference in these individuals’ lives, you can donate a pair of pre-loved or new running shoes to get them started on their journey of transformation.

Our Progress

For The Long Run started as an idea in March 2019 by three runners who wanted to spread a message of hope in South Africa. This idea very quickly evolved into a movement that is changing lives on a daily basis, and uplifting the Fisantekraal community in Cape Town.